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Strings Y Voz


Lisbania Perez, who hails from the Dominican Republic, is the voice and face of STRINGS Y VOZ. Her family moved to Haiti when she was six years old. The relationship between the two nations may have traditionally been tense, but Lisbania has soaked up the grooves of both her home countries – the twoubadou, rasin and reggae sounds of Haiti, the bachata and merengue rhythms of the Dominican Republic – as well as local Haitian musical styles. Take for example the popular kompa, a constant presence on the streets of Port-au-Prince that combines Creole vocals with African beats and Spanish influences. Lisbania builds a musical bridge between these two cultures that share so much, despite their tempestuous past.

Trained in ballet, Lisbania chose to pursue music after the untimely passing of her mother. Shortly before her death, Lisbania’s mother had planned to sing in front of an audience for the very first time – a surprise to the whole family. Tragically, this never came to pass. But soon after, Lisbania could instinctively sense the voice of her mother flowing within her – a feeling so strong that it sent her down the path towards becoming a musical artist. Anyone familiar with the spiritual side of Haitian culture and the deeply entrenched belief in voodoo can understand this drive to carry on her mother’s legacy.

Lisbania ended up bringing the melancholy and longing tone of Caribbean music – as well as its joie de vivre and energy – to Europe. She found yet another home in Heidelberg, and a musical kindred spirit in Christoph Stadtler, the other half of STRINGS Y VOZ. The duo unites Lisbania’s Caribbean temperament and a passionate sense of expression with the skill and creativity of this virtuoso guitarist, who has toured with international bands professionally for decades and made countless recordings with German pop stars. The seasoned guitarist and the charismatic singer with a Caribbean voice joined forces to create STRINGS Y VOZ – establishing a brand new harmonious sound, refined and honed through numerous live performances.

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