Strings Y Voz

Whoever grows up in Haiti, soaks in music and in feelings. As a matter of fact from the washing lady to the bus driver, from the drummers on the beach to the cashier in the supermarket: everyone on the Caribbean island has a song on their lips and rhythm in their blood. A simple stroll in any street in Haiti will fill your ears with music. Singing and dancing together, often spontaneously - that's part of life like the air we breathe.Caribbean country Haiti has rich history of the isle of Hispaniola hence its music has French, African, native Taino, and even Spanish influences.

Music is the soul of Haitian people and Lisbania Perez has finally brought to Europe the passion, desire, and energy of Caribbean sounds. Luckily connecting with Christoph Stadler, "The string man" of STRINGS Y VOZ, 
The duo lisbania Perez & Christoph Statdler reignite their dreams for Music and embark on a new journey together forming the band Strings Y Voz !
A congenial partners: Caribbean temperament met the skills and creativity of an exceptional guitarist who had been on tour with international bands as well as German pop as a professional -Stars in the studio and can look back on numerous recordings. The experienced string wizard and the charismatic singer with the Caribbean voice merged to form the STRINGS Y VOZ duo - and from the very beginning developed their very own, homogeneous handwriting, refined and polished through numerous live performances.

The duo STRINGS Y VOZ draws on these musical roots of the Dominican born singer raised in Haiti, celebrates the diversity - musical as well as the linguistic. 
Besides original, fine-arranged cover versions in English, Spanish, French, Creole and German, more and more of their own songs have been created, because Lisbania's life between Haiti and Heidelberg serves as an almost inexhaustible source of inspiration for soulful little stories that sound like sensitively drawn portraits of lived moments of happiness and sadness, connection and closeness with loved ones, euphoria of and melancholy. True  to the Spanish expression “Recordar es vivir – remembering is living”.


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